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Introduction to the Futures Game & International Tournaments

For the summer of 2018, MLLB will participate in Little League summer Tournaments. These tournaments will be available for nominated players starting in the Beginner Coach Pitch division all the way through Majors. This summer's tournaments include:


  • Coach Pitch players will be eligible for their division's Futures Game following the end of the spring post-season.
  • Beginner Coach Pitch, Advanced Coach Pitch - American and Advanced Coach Pitch  - National will each have their own Futures Game
  • All players are eligible as long as they are in good standing with the league and selected players will be nominated by their teammates before being selected by the Futures Game managers
  • In Advanced Coach Pitch each team will submit 3 nominees. For Beginner Coach Pitch each team will submit 4 nominees.
  • The Futures Game is a single exhibition game.
  • There is no fee to participate in the Futures Game.


  • MKP, Minors and Majors players who live or go to school in McKinney Little League's official boudaries will be eligible to participate in the Little League International Tournament.
  • MLLB can participate in the following Little League International Tournaments:
    • Little League Tournament: Eligible Majors players who played at least 60% of their regular season games.
    • 9-10-11 Tournament: Eligible League Age 9, 10 and 11 (MKP, Minors, Majors) players who played at least 60% of their regular season games.
    • 8-10-11 Tournament: Eligible League Age 8, 9 and 10 (MKP, Minors, Majors) players who played at least 60% of their regular season games.
  • Nominated players will be selected for tournament teams at the beginning of June. District games will begin around June 18th and last until the end of the month. Should teams win district they will advanced to the next state in early July. Little League Tournament teams are eligible to advance all the way to the Little League World Series while 8-9-10 and 9-10-11 teams can advance as high as the State level.
  • Registration fee for International tournaments is $100 per player. This fee is used to cover tournament uniforms, umpires, fields, and operational expenses.

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